Gay Bars, Gay Discos, Gay Hotels and Gay Clubs in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Welcome to the friendliest LGBTQ destination in the Caribbean – San Juan, Puerto Rico!

El Morro Fortress & Old San Juan are UNESCO World Heritage sites you’ll want to explore during your trip to Puerto Rico!

Welcome to LGBT San Juan, Puerto Rico!


Clubs are starting to open in San Juan now that curfew is only in effect from midnight to 5am.

We’ll update which clubs in San Juan are open on a limited basis as water and power are restored to neighborhoods:

Temptation: 605 Calle Bolivar in the Santurce Arts District
Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday – 6pm-11:30pm

Xteamworks: 1752 Ave. Fernandez Juncos in the Santurce Arts District
Every Day – 6pm-Midnight

if you have information on other clubs or gay community resources, contact 


Puerto Rico is the best Caribbean island for LGBTQ vacations, weddings and real estate investment!

If you haven’t been to the Caribbean yet, our guide should help you plan your perfect LGBTQ getaway in San Juan.

Puerto Rico in general is a very gay-friendly destination and San Juan is the center of the island’s LGBTQ community.

Almost all of San Juan’s Gay Bars are located in the Santurce Arts District on the other side of the highway from major hotels in the Condado beach area. If you follow the arrow routes it is a 10-15 minute walk.

As a US Territory, Puerto Rico is protected by the recent Supreme Court decision regarding same-sex marriage – so its easy to plan your wedding in Paradise and have it recognized in your home state.

UBER is now in San Juan, so getting from any tourist area to the gayborhood is easier than ever!

Updated June 20, 2017 - Gay Guide to San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan’s Gay Scene Featured in The Miami Herald!